In all my work I try to find ways to do research with people and share ideas in simple, compelling ways. Using my knowledge of young people, cultural policy and the creative industries I’ve recently developed ideas, policies and concepts with John3Shelagh, Burberry, Create, The British Council, Mission Models Money, IETM, The European Commission, Sound & Music, IDEO, A.N.D, and the Design Council. I’m also an associate of the think tank Demos in London and from time-to-time I work with the Demos in Helsinki. Here’s my profile and reports. I also recently wrote the chapter about Schools in the Handbook of the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games which is published by Routledge.

Here are some other projects I’ve worked on in the last few years.

Change for a Tenner
A series of events about the limits of social change for LIFT 2014.

The Invisible Hand
A paper for IETM and the British Council looking at the relationship between art and the economy. The paper identifies artists whose work is responding to the theme of economy, and looks at ways in which they aim to alter and affect it. There’s a PDF here.

Politics and Olympics
An events programme to accompany the Free Word Centre‘s exhibition exploring the Politics of the Olympic Games – the only exhibition of its kind on during London 2012.

Youth-Led Enquiries
With A.N.D. I have fused what I have learnt from policy research, with what I know about working with young people – the result is a youth-led enquiry. A bit like this and this.

An Anatomy of Youth
A Demos report I wrote with Celia Hannon looking at the future from a young person’s perspective. Here’s a video and some photos from the launch.

A small bi-annual social affairs magazine I co-edit with Pete Bradwell. Issue 1 of Useful was about the relationship between ideas and change, we are currently working on issue 2, which is about Rebellion.

An annual project I work on with three friends that aims to encourage as many people as possible to make an album of music in November.

We Are Electric
A presentation about technology, intimacy and public space I gave at Truly Yours in Stockholm in Spring 2011. View it in full screen.

The School of Olympic Research
A pop-up school/forum that ran at the end of June 2011 in the Unicorn Theatre. Here is my Olympics blog, the guide to the school and some t-shirts.

Change a Tiny World
A workshop concerned with making videos to bring about social change I co-ran at the Stranger Academy in Amsterdam 2009.  Here’s a video and some photographs.

Make Nubs
A blog about ‘nubs’ – short educational videos. We ran out of steam about 18 months ago. The typology of video types is still handy.

Arc Studio
An architectural practice I worked on in British Council/Southbank Centre’s International Placement Programme for creative entrepreneurs. I tried to apply what I new about ‘learning organisations’ to a new context, with mixed results.

Power of 8
A project that sought to bring 8 people (of which I was one) from different walks of life together to imagine a different future. Here are some photos of the resulting exhibition.

The Emergency Room
James Nachtwey won the TED prize in 2008 – we helped him promote his photographs of XDR-TB in ‘The Emergency Room’ in London. Here’s his video and some photos of things we did.

James Nachtwey Jigsaw Trafalgar Square


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