Rip it up and start again.

DSC_0192i’ve added in a page to my blog which outlines the events programme we’ve been putting together for LIFT. First up, three weeks today, we’ve got Rip it up and Start Again in a Tin Church in Kilburn. Here’s the blurb:

RIP IT UP AND START AGAIN Tin Taberbnacle, Kilburn. Wednesday June 4th.
A celebration of anti-politics, rebel-democracy and alternative guv’nors

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 17.55.56

Democracy is rotten. Lots of us don’t vote and if we do, it’s with a heavy heart. This event brings together people who want to change politics itself, to do it in a totally different way – using anti-politics, new political parties and self-appointed parliaments. Are they helping – or just making the problem worse? Compered by Mikey Weinkove of The People Speak with David van Reybrouck from the Belgian G1000 movement;  Bob & Roberta Smith and his Art PartyDoreen Massey who launched The Kilburn Manifesto last year; Indra Adnan from The Downing Street Project, Kierra Box from Make Willesden Green and Prof Graham Smith from University of Westminster.  The evening also features party political broadcasts from Danish Politician Uffe Elbaek on behalf of his new political party The Alternative and Eric Mutch a man who once tried to change his name by deed poll to Self-Serving Lying Bastard and currently represents the Basic Income Guarantee PartyTICKETS HERE.

Here’s a picture of David van Reybrouck at the G1000 assembly – a parliament made up of 1000 Belgian citizens organised in response to an astonishing period in Belgian politics during 2010-11 when the country went without a functioning government for 541 days.


This is Bob and Roberta Smith with his Art Party in Scarborough.

Art Party 99




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