Maximising Ideas

DSC_1040The Museum of the Confluence, Lyon


I spent last week at The European Lab which is a satellite conference of Nuits Sonores, an electronic/indie music festival in Lyon. It made me realise, probably about 10 years too late, that people operating in the creative economy balance two aims – one to ‘maximise ideas’ another to ‘maximise profits’. Obviously the two are related to one another. To be profitable Burberry need great ideas to sell their clothes, and make their profits. But not everyone in the creative economy is aiming to become for the same thing. Many eschew profits for doing work they think is more important, more innovative, more political, more accessible. These people are in an invisible, sector of personal-subsidy. Alot of the fringe of the music industry, visual arts and theatre is working along these lines. In the same way as Social Enterprises are supposed to reinvest their profits in their social aims, these promoters, curators, writers, artists reinvest their profits, or are just invested in a creative vision. But I don’t know what you call them – they’re not social enterprises, but they are definitely aiming to associate, to communicate and be social. They probably aren’t that commercially successful, but they probably supply the ideas to the people who are.

I blogged about this in another way here.


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