Hometaping 4: Complete (fail)

There are only three rules of Hometaping – I think I might have broken them all. My idea this year was I’d rinse youtube of clips of British football fans and somehow melt them all together into a sort of  symphony of the crowd using garageband and imovie. I was inspired by Mark Leckey’s Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore, the Zidane film and the photographs of Stuart Roy Clarke.

Singing at football is unique. Football is the only place where singing actually has a practical purpose. If the crowd don’t sing the players won’t be stirred, the other team won’t be intimidated and fans won’t get that lovely primal sensation of the group. Also, football grounds are the only places where songs are re-purposed, added to and adapted on a week-to-week basis – it’s proper folk music and for all the commercial exploitation of the game – it’s a brilliant symbol of its non-commercial heart. Perhaps that’s why FC United are so good at it – and why The Emirates (Arsenal’s ground where a standard season ticket costs a grand) is so bad. Hopefully it’s a part of the game that will live forever.

Unfortunately I haven’t quite managed a fitting tribute. I’m sure someone with more musical ability, better video editing skills and er, a bit more time; would have done much better. I am also a bit despondent that lots of the ‘music’ I’ve done here, just sounds like well, a crowd. Here it is:

The Hometaping effort is important for me as it forces me to learn new things on my computer that I can then use during peacetime – this year I located and destroyed a self-replicating log file in my computer freeing up 60GB on my hard drive, I found the best ever youtube downloader and I realised that you can do more with imovie than you think.


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