Adam Curtis Binge

Prompted by All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace, I have been binging on Adam Curtis for the last 8 weeks. I watched the whole of The Power Nightmares, The Mayfair Set and The Living Dead (all can be streamed here). All these films include (a) archive footage of people dancing as an expansive metaphor for social organisation/control (b) stories about pernicious ideas taking a grip of deluded powerful people that in turn destroy them (c) haunting dirgey music, not dissimilar to the kind they used on Trigger Happy TV. I recommend.

Then there are all his blog posts, many of which are like films in their own right, and the rag bag of old documentaries he stumbles across in the BBC Archive. I particularly enjoyed Hells Angels Take a Minibreak, The Office Party, David Dimbleby on a cruise in 1973 with 500 British ballroom dancers and this sad little documentary about Gene Vincent.



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