This is Shelly Zander. I spotted her in Gentlewoman Magazine. She is a We Activist for WESC the Swedish ‘intellectual slacker lifestyle brand’.

‘A WeActivist is someone that is extremely good at what they do, world famous or totally unknown. Someone that has a streetwise mentality, that chooses his or her own path with a humble persona. A WeActivist is an informal ambassador that flies the flag of the Superlative Conspiracy!

Hmmm…  A distant artist-punk-uncle, who refused to acknowledge my Dad and Aunt at a reception at the Canadian Embassy in 1970, has a retrospective in Ontario – I wonder if he would have been a WeActivist. He used to be known as AA Bronson, but is now happy to be known as Michael Tims. I guess he might not have passed the ‘humble persona’ test.

The dividing line between extracting yourself from society so you can offer an alternative and abstracting yourself because you love yourself can be a thin one. But I’m not an artist, so I guess I wouldn’t know.

I am also curious as to the business model of magazines like Gentlewoman, that can’t have a print run of more than a couple of thousand and yet are rammed full adverts from all the cool brands. How much do you have to pay for an advert in Gentlewoman and why? I don’t know. But I want to.


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